Secretary Message

Multan Tax Bar Association

Muhammad Imran Ghazi

After assumption of my charge as General Secretary, i feel necessary to continue the process of printing of upto date MTBA's members directory. The idea was initiated by former General Secretary Mr. Naveed ul Zafar Ahmad Sheikh in his tenure. So, in continuation, we have done our utmost efforts to get upto date data of remaining members. However, getting record from members was not an easy job. Previous directory was published in year 2010 by Mr. Khalid Asad Ch. President and Mr. Ahmad Saeed Saadat General Secretary. That time total members were 142 and afterwards, during 5 years more than 100 members joined bar. Due to continuous struggle of almost two years, Alhumdulillah, we suceed in our aim and get almost record of our members. We was also well aware that rapid increase in membership of MTBA members will require continuous process of updation of existing members record as well as new members and therefore, it feels necessary that someone who go through this process shall keep it continue to avoid deadlock/pendency in future. So, finally, it was decided that we should switch to electronic media rather than printing of directory in booklet shape due to reason of cut the cost and future prospective to see the increasing interest of ITPs, Lawyers, ACAs, ACMAs to join this august organization.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, the electronic version in the shape of website is serving our members since year 2015. It is also our cardinal achievenment that this was ever first members directory among the legal fraternity published online in Pakistan and now my President A.Mueed Khawaja directed to develop mobile phone application to make it more convenient for our members to access pocket members directory available to server them 24 x 7. So, in compliance of directions, instant application is developed and we hope that this app will also termed as milestone in history.

In last, I am thankful to all of my seniors, colleagues and members of executive body for their assistance in accomplishment of this task. Especially, i am thankful to my father and mentor Mr. Muhammad Younas Ghazi to whom guidance and training, I able to perform this historical job. I am also thankful to Mr. Shabbir Fakhruddin to whom I also served as General Secretary in year 2017-18 and found him fully co-operative to serve the members.

With best wishes.

Muhammad Imran Ghazi AHC
General Secretary
Multan Tax Bar Association