President Message

Multan Tax Bar Association

A.Mueed Khawaja

I being president of the Bar feel encouraging and strong to present the Members Directory of MULTAN TAX BAR ASSOCIATION MULTAN uploaded into the personal mobiles with the certain significance like Auto Searching and especially the data of the individuals. I feel gratitude to install the same and pay thanks to my Executive body especially General Secretary Mr. Muhammad Imran Ghazi who has completed the tough task of preparation collection, scrutinizing the data and prepare the same for the vision of Bar Members.

The origin of Multan Tax Bar Association was initiated just after the partition of Indo-Pak when Mr. Akram Chughtai and Mr. Muhammad Hayat Khokar have started Income Tax practice in 1948 and which up to 1976 Mr. Sh. Abdul Hameed was working as President of the Bar while the first election of the Bar was held on 1976 after promulgation of the constitution of the Bar, when I recall the memories so many legends who was the part of the Bar namely:

1: Nasir Mehmood
2: Mr. Muhammad Akram Chughtai
3: Ramzan Tariq
4: Sh. Abdus Salam
5: K.G. Mehboob Khan
6: Malik Mohammad Hayat Khokar
7: M.A. Hadi
8: Badr-ud-Din Qamar
9: M. Waseem Bilal Sh
10: Hafiz Muhammad Ameer
11: Ch. Ghulam Hussain Jahania
12: Malik Abdul Latif
13: Malik Muhammad Hanif
14: Sami-ullah Khan
15: Muhammad Ali Kausar Siddiqui
16: Ch. Muhammad Aslam
17: Sheikh Muhammad Nawaz
18: Ch. Allah Ditta Randhawa
19: Malik Ahmad ali

It was 1982 when the Bar Members have taken over a room in 75-A Gulghasht Colony Multan (the office of the Commissioner Income Tax Appeals) and converted it to Bar Room. There after the Bar Room was allotted in the new Income Tax building at Nawan Shehr Multan, and there after renovation of INCOME TAX House (RTO) the Bar room was shifted to the separate premises in year 2011 near entry gate and with the initiation of Mr. Muhammad Salim Bukhari the than President of the Bar and my Executive body along with seniors under my coup as President has taken sanction for Chairman FBR of the Conference Hall at first floor of the Bar in the raw condition and the same was designed decorated and completed by the personally funds of the Bar Members. The Bar Association remained running smoothly in cordial atmosphere since 1976 under the control of following heads (Presidents) up to 2015:

1: Sh. Abdus Salam
2: Muhammad Hayat Khokar
3: Syed Mehmood Hassan Bukhari
4: K.G. Mehboob Khan
5: Muhammad Ali Hadi
6: Muhammad Akhtar Saiddiqui
7:Ch. Ghulam Hussain Jahania
8: Muhammad Younas Ghazi
9: A. Mueed Khawaja
10: Talat Javed
11: Sh. Zafar-ul-Islam
12: Shabir Fakhr-u-din
13: Muhammad Salim Bukhari
14: Badr-ud-Din Qamar
15: Mohammad Khalid Asad Ch

Our Bar is affiliated with Pakistan Tax Bar Association which was established on 24th May 1979. Mr. Muhammad Hayat Khokar, Mr. Muhammad Akhter Siddique and A. Mueed Khawaja (I, myself) have participated as promoter members while Mr. Muhammad Malik Salim has taken the First charge of President of Pakistan Tax Bar Association. Normally One portfolio is/ was allocated to one of the bar nominees like senior Vice President (in current era) those who have the honour to be senior vice president Mr. Mohammad Younus Ghazi, Mohammad Khalid Asad Ch., A. Mueed Khawaja. (I, myself) apart from the said designation our bar has the honour to be elected as a General Secretary for two tenure of Six years namely Mr. Muhammad Younas Ghazi.

I hope this will give true impact of the bar members. In the end I congratulate to the participants the directory specially Mr. Muhammad Imran Ghazi the than General Secretary of the Bar and pray for good health & prosperity of every member of the Bar.

A.Mueed Khawaja AHC
Multan Tax Bar Association